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Forêt enchantée

St-Donat, La Mitis, Québec

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  1. Paul Davidson
    10 novembre 2009 à 04:32 · Répondre

    You upgraded from Rebel XTi to 7D just to make all of us reflect about the first rule of Photography: gear doesn't make the photographer. For you, it seems that only Photoshop and Photomatix do. And there's a lot of unusual chromatic aberration (I hope you do not buy expensive Canon 10-22, as it has the same chromatic aberration as Sigma 10-20).

    Of course, this comment is not for publishing. It's a kind of private joke…

  2. Aurélio Fontes
    10 novembre 2009 à 08:36 · Répondre

    Not so interesting as most of your previous shots (even color correction). Try to change your themes, maybe. Le vrai c'est que la forêt enchantée a perdu son enchantement…

  3. Paul Davidson
    10 novembre 2009 à 08:49 · Répondre

    Why did you erase EXIF info? My morning comment about XTi/7D changing wasn't important that way… You really didn't understand. You were a long time ago an artist; now you're just a manufacturer. Do you understand what I mean?

  4. 10 novembre 2009 à 09:08 · Répondre

    Thank you for your comment!

    I understand your point.

    What is important for me is that I like what I do.

    I want to improve my skills, that's why I publish photos on my blog and on Flickr.

    I agree that the gear doesn't make the photographer and to have better photo I should have buy better lenses instead of a new body, but my Xti was broken and I needed a new one. Maybe that wasn't the best choice for my needs, but it's my money and I had a good price for the 7d.

    Ps. I neither have the canon 10-22 nor the sigma 10-20.

    Why the use of Anonymizer?

  5. Paul Davidson
    10 novembre 2009 à 12:21 · Répondre

    Why Anonymizer? Because you're tricky! But now, I'm not using an anonymizer service. I suppose you are not yet so dangerous (he, he, he).

    I bet it's a Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6!… I do think you've your skills fully improved. Your skills are so improved that you fear changes in you style. When an artist finds a style he is not an artist anymore: he is a manufacturer.

    But I agree with you, when you say that photos are better improved by lenses than by gears. But lenses and gears are not the main factor for a good shot: a good shot is made by an IDEA ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY.

    These days, everyone is looking for sharpness, more and more sharpness, given by lenses or pixels in new gears; sharpness is now a business of bad photographers and amateurs: think of 99% of the great photos of Mankind, they all lack sharpness (e.g., think of Cartier-Bresson (his art is blurry) and even Ansel Adams), but are masterpieces yet. Megapixels are the leitmotiv of the industry. Remember all those wonderful photos you've seen 4 years ago: they all were made by 2 megapixel cameras…

    Why not to publish this comment?

  6. Aurélio Fontes
    10 novembre 2009 à 12:37 · Répondre

    Hum! EXIF goes, EXIF comes… It's a kind of EXIF tide… It doesn't matter. 99% of your shots looks good, with or without EXIF. You have a very good technique: now, to improve your skills, it's a matter of accepting critics. Or not. Worst than become a manufacturer is to become a God.

  7. 10 novembre 2009 à 12:42 · Répondre

    Comment published!

    I agree with all what you said, really, except for one thing, my lens is a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 😉

    As for the anonymizer, I do think "iptrick.info" is one but that's your choice and no i'm not dangerous. I asked only this question to understand why someone who has an interesting opinion need to hide his IP address to write it, that's it!

    And again, thank you for your comment.

  8. 10 novembre 2009 à 12:47 · Répondre

    I think I accept critics very well, that's why there is a comment box under my photos and if I wasn't accepting critics, the comments were not published.

    Maybe the fact that the english is not my primary language give an impression of not accepting critic, but that's note the case.

  9. Paul Davidson
    10 novembre 2009 à 12:47 · Répondre

    But… a Sigma 10-20 or not? Want an advice (humble advice indeed): best wide angle is Tokina 11-16mm 2.8. Dot.

    Want extra advice (yet humble, but technical)? Sigma 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 are better than Canon 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8, IS or not IS (if you want that sharpness…).

    And now the better advice, if you like sharpness and quality: Canon 70-200 f/4 is better than Sigma 70-200 2.8 and Canon 70-200 2.8 (with or without IS).

    Thank you for your time and kindness.

  10. Paul Davidson
    10 novembre 2009 à 12:55 · Répondre

    I've mentioned Tokina 11-16 without read your last comment… So, you use a 11-16… I do think is the better wide angle lens. And pro photo sites think the same way.

  11. Paul Davidson
    10 novembre 2009 à 15:55 · Répondre

    I forgot to suggest you something important. With Tokina 11-16 you can avoid that magenta/blue chromatic aberration (which is due to very specific light conditions). Do you know how? Use a ND4 filter, ISO 400 and set your 7D to reduce noise in long expositions. And wait for a moment without wind… or profit of the wind and give the shot an "arty" look…

  12. 11 novembre 2009 à 06:42 · Répondre

    I didn't know how to avoid chromatic aberration with my Tokina 11-16. I took note of your suggestion and I will try it.

    Thank you!

  13. Paul Davidson
    11 novembre 2009 à 09:36 · Répondre

    Bear that in mind: my "critics" are not negative. For me, you're a 9/10 photographer. I like 99% of your shots. And thank you for let me "criticize" you. I appreciate very much your fair play, so much valuable these days the internet seems to be reduced to a mirror of vanities among photographers.

  14. 12 novembre 2009 à 06:32 · Répondre

    I prefer by far your "critics". Much more than have a bunch of "good photo, great shot, beautiful, etc…" on each photo that say absolutely nothing. Thank you!

  15. Paul Davidson
    15 novembre 2009 à 15:32 · Répondre

    J'espère que ce "procès verbal" n'ait pas glacé ton procès créatif.

  16. 15 novembre 2009 à 21:29 · Répondre

    Non, il me manque malheureusement de temps en ce moment pour la photo, mais ça va revenir.

    No, in the last week I didn't have time for photography, I hope I will have time next week.

  17. Diane Tremblay
    19 mars 2010 à 08:53 · Répondre



  18. 25 mai 2010 à 14:34 · Répondre

    wow, quelle belle photo, cest le timming parfait pour lautomne

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