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Le banc

Prendre le temps de s’asseoir pour regarder ce qui nous entoure, faire le point, arrêter de courir. Prendre le temps de vivre.

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  1. 27 avril 2007 à 09:30 · Répondre

    Hi Gino,
    thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Your photography is outstanding, great and beautiful. I have no better words to describe your very sensitiv sight of the subjects and to place them in a wonderful picture with your camera. And I have to say also: you are living in a beautiful country. I loved also your beach shore/rock formations and of course the colorful houses. Very nice! I subscribed to your RRS feed to be aible to see all your nice work! I wish to sit one day on this bench and listen to natures melody…

  2. kerdraon
    30 décembre 2008 à 14:45 · Répondre

    You are exactly in the moment.
    Vertical world!

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